5 Reasons For Marijuana Legalization

29 Dec

There have been many controversies surrounding the recent legalization of marijuana throughout different parts of the globe, especially in the US. In America alone, there have been numerous states that have legalized marijuana for medical purposes and some which even went to the extent of legalizing it for recreational use. Looking into the British Government where Marijuana is still illegal, UK ends up being dubbed as one of the largest exporter of the substance. Read more details here and find out more info about why marijuana legalization was seamless in certain states despite its controversy.

Many would surely be focusing on the controversy behind marijuana when in fact, the government itself would become the biggest beneficiary, should cannabis be legalized. There have been many studies already, showcasing that the government or states that have legalized this substance, has already reap enormous profit from it since it was legalized. This is through the power of putting tax on the substance, which could earn the government, a considerable amount of revenue. There’s no doubt that other governments around the globe could experience this tremendous boost as well if they go with the legalization.

There would also be a serious increase in demand for skilled and non-skilled workers, as Marijuana or cannabis becomes a new industry on its own. There’s no doubt that the generation of new job, is a great way to ensure that there will be lower rates of unemployment throughout the globe. Even if countries with low unemployment rate apply it to them, this could only mean that they can diminish it further.

Pot legalization is like a key that would inevitably make a new industry rise in the market. The growth of this industry is something that’s filled with potential and could even equate to higher revenue for more people, in times to come.

There’s no doubt that governments throughout the globe, have their own police force that tackles marijuana cases. Money is spent when allocating force into this category. The government would be able to save more money and focus forces on other more important criminal cases, if marijuana is legalized. You can click  this link for more info.

Cannabis is very expensive due to the fact that it is being sold in the black market as it is illegal. People who are using cannabis either for medical or recreational purpose, will definitely feel more at ease if Marijuana is legalized, since the price of cannabis would surely go down when it is finally brought to the public market."

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